Why is my A/C is not blowing cold air?

The most common problem is tripped breakers. Try resetting breakers in electrical panel to get system back up and running.

My electrical bill is too high.

I recommend having your unit cleaned and service annually to help with efficiency helping keep your electrical cost down.

My A/C system runs too long.

I recommend having your system checked by a qualified licensed technician to check your Freon levels, a system low on Freon will result in longer run times.

My thermostat doesn’t work properly.

We recommend replacing the batteries in your thermostat and calibrating annually. We include this service on our annual service agreements call us today to schedule yours.

My A/C does not blow very hard.

I recommend replacing your filters and inspecting your supply and return vents.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing on most repairs and replacements. Ask us about financing.

Are you a APS qualified contactor?

Yes, we are a registered qualified APS contractor.

Do you offer electrical rebates?

Yes, we offer electrical rebates please contact us to discuss your available options.

Do you offer veteran and military discounts?

Yes, please call us to schedule your service. Or book your appointment here.

Can you install a thermostat I already purchased?

Yes we can. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Or book your appointment here.

Water is leaking down the side of my house.

The HVAC condensate drain could be clogged. You will need to have the drain line cleared and inspected.

Why is one room is warmer than the others?

The most common is inadequate and improperly installed duct work you will need a qualified professional to come out and inspect your duct system. You can book your appointment here.

Your question not answered here?

You can ask your question here.